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M. T.

Herbadent surprises me

I have to say that everything about Herbadent surprises me. First of all, the products themselves, which really work! I once saw an interview about your company in Czech TV. And once when I was walking past the toothpaste shelf in a drugstore, my eyes fell on the herbal gum solution. I was impressed by the effect, so I went to your website and ordered the toothpaste and mouthrinse for a test. I will not try anything else, I remain loyal to you. My whole family is in love with Herbadent! Also, it seriously works.

I. Z.

Interdental toothbrush

The Herbadent interdental toothbrush was recommended to me by a dental hygienist who used it during my treatment. I consulted with her about the types of interdental toothbrushes, and she said that the one I was using often broke the wire, which she said did not happen with Herbadent. I consider the large variety of sizes tips as well as the vibrating function to be another advantage. Last but not least, I have had excellent experiences with Herbadent products (gels, massage solution) myself.“

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S. P.

The products are beautiful

If I have to comment on your products, only positive things! The products are high quality, excellent in taste and aroma, but great mainly in their composition. As far as my opinion on the current marketing is concerned, you have a great concept. The products are beautiful to look at, the quality and clarity of the shop, great delivery and payment terms, the ability to get and redeem some of those discounts, the choice of shipping without a box, the eco aspect, etc. In short… you feel authentic, what you do can be trusted.

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Š. O.

We are long-time customers

We are long-time customers and users of Herbadent toothpastes and mouthrinses. And we buy them both on the e-shop and in stores. We chose this brand not only because it works, but it‘s natural and Czech, the carbon footprint is minimized and our people have jobs. We very much appreciate that we can buy the product without the box and reduce the amount of waste and input materials. We wish you every success in your future work and personal life.

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R. B. J.

Beautiful packaging and gifts

I pick up a package today. Thank you very much for the fast shipping, beautiful packaging and gifts. I ordered on the recommendation of my dental hygienist who told me about the products, recommended them and gave them to me to try. Thank you again very much and I will definitely order again soon. I wish you well.“

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Š. K.

Amazing products that work

I have been using natural cosmetics for a very long time and your toothpastes for even longer 🙂 I started using them on the recommendation of my dentist (I was suffering from gingivitis and bleeding) and from the first moment I can‘t tolerate any other toothpaste in my mouth than herbal one 🙂 I usually buy toothpastes and brushes at the pharmacy, but now a new Remin toothpaste popped up on me on Facebook and since I have more sensitive teeth now, I decided to try it right away 🙂 So have a great day and keep being fabulous and making amazing products that work :- )

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