Virumstop – herbal hand disinfectant.

Virumstop is an effective disinfectant against viruses and bacteria, which are becoming an increasingly common threat. Thanks to the combination of suitable agents, it offers the best protection.

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  • Destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Can be used on hands as well as surfaces.
  • Contains active biocidal ingredients, and fennel, clove and mint essences.
  • The added herbal substances give it a nice smell and the fennel essential oil strengthens its disinfectant effect.
  • Dermatologically tested

helps in everyday situations

Common habits, daily routine as well as a preventative measure. Situations, where inconsistency can mean a health risk. VirumStop disinfects and significantly reduces the possibility of infection.

  • Immediate contact
  • Use of sanitary facilities
  • Travelling in public transport
  • Withdrawals from ATMs and money handling

Product options

VirumStop is available in a practical 100 ml pocket-size spray bottle. Also available in family-size 390 ml bottles. All available in our e-shop.

soon in the e-shop